Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop

Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop responded to the community’s needs and began custom compounding prescriptions service for individual patients in 2004. Rather than offering just one manufactured prescription dosage for everyone, you can now be matched with the strength that is best for you specifically.

With significant experience and training in extemporaneous compounding, we tailor medicines and dosages to meet your specific needs. Rather than matching the patient to the prescription, we match the prescription to the patient.

The ability to meet special needs with medication is a major advance in the pharmacy compounding practice. The standard method of delivery, dosage forms, strengths, flavours, and formulas can all be adjusted to meet each individual patient's needs. By combining yesterday's art of Pharmacy with today's compounding technology, Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop is able to work with physicians to provide the accurate and customized care that today’s patients require, with far fewer boundaries.



Company History

Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop started in 1969 with Joel Slutsky, and since enjoyed a long and successful history. Amidst many changes in the field of pharmacy, the business was renamed Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop, indicating our commitment to the individually tailored compounding and medication needs of each patient. Business founder Tyler Park, Chief Pharmacist, Grace Park, and Compounding Specialist, James Park, have led this family owned pharmacy since 2003.

Our Philosophy

At Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop, our experienced teams of staff are here to help you solve your health-related issues by using a holistic and natural approach to compounding medications. While using the good quality of ingredients in their purest form, Riverside Pharmacy and Compounding Shop can create customized and adjustable medications that fit your needs. Our state-of-the art equipments, customer services, and experienced staffs are your premier source for customized medications at reasonable prices.

Our compounding laboratory contains equipment that is not found in most pharmacies, enabling us to precisely compound each medication to the prescriber's exact specifications. We consider the physical and chemical properties of active and inactive ingredients in order to prepare customized medications with the proper consistency, stability, texture, color, and taste, thereby optimizing the therapeutic benefit of each preparation.

You, your physician, and our compounding pharmacist work as partners to ensure that you will receive the best care possible. We regularly attend PCCA international seminars and other educational events to keep abreast of the latest advances in compounding and pharmaceutical delivery systems, and we maintain an extensive support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas and innovations. We also stay up to date by reading the latest professional trade publications for up-to-the-minute information on compounding.